Mindfulness in Schools

Student led mindfulness in Mo’s Life Skills special education needs class.

As a special education needs teacher (SEN) I’ve had wide teaching experiences with children of different needs, from a socio-economic disadvantaged school where I delivered highly differentiated instruction in the same lesson, to a school with a structured classical education approach, a rigorous curriculum and a radical attention to detail.

I was teaching in Austin Texas at the height of the pandemic and delivered all lessons online.

When the summer came and summer camps were cancelled I created IMAGINATION CAMP, an online songwriting camp for kids. I staged an imaginary camp in my home with fake trees and grass and even a campfire out of twigs wired together and twisted tongues of red paper rising like flames. We wrote and sang our songs.

An added unseen bonus for the students was that English Language Arts Learning Standards were embedded invisibly into the fun activities. The learning and reinforcing of these knowledge and skills was simply a byproduct of the camp experience. They were preparing for the school year without realizing it!

Now that I’ve returned to Australia, I have created Mo Mindful through which I can share my passion for mindfulness, a skill without which I would not have thrived  during the stressful transition to distance learning.

“Ms McMorrow has a positive, can-do attitude. She has a great ability to make content relevant for students through creative presentation.  She truly believes in learning environments where students’ strengths are emphasized. She consistently supports student growth in both soft and hard skills.” Sherry Lepine, PhD – Assistant Principal, Lively Middle School. Austin Texas.

IMAGINATION CAMP, Mo’s online songwriting summer camp.

When school finally resumed, some students still remained at home. By using an ipad I was able to help them feel included. I sometimes took them on tour around the school to interact with staff and peers.