Mo began her meditation practice 25 years ago in Ireland which successfully helped her with performance anxiety allowing her to begin making her living as a performer in her 30s.

She recorded two CDs. Here music is described as “a nuanced brand of Irish-Americana with a voice of startling and disarming honesty.”

Fast forward to Austin Texas, January 2016. Facing a mid-life crisis Mo took the extreme measure of attending her first 10 day silent meditation retreat. Mo describes the experience as “the worst, most wonderful experience of my life!”

Within three months she made the unexpected decision to become a school teacher… in her 50s! An Alternative Certification Program was the quickest way to turn her Masters in Fine Arts into a teaching certification. By August of the same year she was hired as a full time special education teacher at a high needs middle school in their self-contained Life Skills classroom.

To best address the emotional needs of her students she became a certified mindfulness instructor through Mindful Schools. She found the practice of mindfulness in the classroom greatly enhanced the classroom culture. She credits her meditation practice for the ability to deal with the extreme pressure of being the only teacher in a 2 teacher classroom, having to de-escalate extreme behaviours daily in a school continually faced with closure. Mo describes her years teaching there as “the most profound years of my life.”

Mo lives in Mullumbimby Australia. She creates mindfulness content that is accessible to all ages with a unique blend of humour and insight. 

“Ms McMorrow has a positive, can-do attitude. She has a great ability to make content relevant for students through creative presentation.  She truly believes in learning environments where students’ strengths are emphasized. She consistently supports student growth in both soft and hard skills.” Sherry Lepine, PhD – Assistant Principal, Lively Middle School. Austin Texas.



tery Class

Professional development – Drama-Based Pedagogy training, – Choice Theory/Reality Therapy training – Behaviour Modification training – Literacy in Students with Disabilities training to name a few.

and is a certified Trauma Practicioner CTP-E, Graduate of the Autism Circuit Academy, Yoga Teacher through Breath for Change (200hrs) and a Certified Mindfulness Instructor through Mindful Schools to name a few.

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