Mo McMorrow is a multi-media performer, storyteller, educator and mindfulness instructor.

Born in Canada to Australian parents she left Sydney Australia 1996 on a year long round the world trip… that lasted 25 years! With the same adventurous spirit she travels through the arts writing songs and painting pictures with the intelligent insight and child-like whimsy of an old soul.

Mo moved to Austin Texas in 2008 recorded 2 CDs and created a number of multi-media community based arts projects. In 2016 she became a special education teacher in a Life Skills classroom using drama-based teaching strategies, music and visual arts to make learning more accessible to the wide range of disabilities in her classroom. While studying with Mindful Schools in 2018 she introduced mindfulness, arts-based mindfulness and neuroscience into the classroom and the students took to it with a thirst!

When Covid19 hit Texas schools, many students struggled with online learning. Having witnessed the obvious social emotional benefits of mindfulness in the classroom Ms Mo integrated it with online delivery and noticed that again it improved students’ motivation to show up and participate.

When lockdown spread into summer Mo created Imagination Camp an online songwriting summer camp, to fill the vacuum that cancelled camps had caused.

Now she has returned to Australia and has launched a business called Mo Mindful. She performs an inspirational, educational and interactive incursion to schools in distance learning and is currently creating a series of online courses which marry mindfulness and the arts.

“As a performer she sparkles with life. One moment she’s disarmingly funny the next she’s flying you out to the stars to look down at our planet with a full heart.”

“Mo’s whimsical wonder has led to a depth of personal commitment, not only as a creator, but as a communicator. Any project that Mo begins leaves me excited about the invitation of what will arrive at the end.”                         Sara Hickman, State Musician of Texas