Creativity Transformation Coaching

Mo’s form of Creativity Transformation Coaching combines creativity coaching and mindfulness re-storying techniques to transform your life. It considers the psychological, emotion and practical concerns that might be blocking a creative life as well as the surrounding artistic community and marketplace of your chosen field.

With the trauma many of us have been feeling with the Covid 19 shutdowns, and the year of devastating weather events around the world, techniques for emotional regulation and finding the silver lining in the dark clouds are needed now more than ever.

There is a dream sleeping in all of us that needs only to be awakened.

I help you find, harness and direct your creative energy (and adrenalin laced fear) be it painting, acting, writing, music or any combination of all these.Let the SHOW begin! Together we create a SYSTEM to encourage HABITS that ensure OUTCOMES that help you WIN.

Ready for a breakthrough?

Let’s take a close look and find your life’s patterns so you can dissolve the ones that don’t work for you, and build on the ones that do. Creative mindfulness coaching helps you become the maker of your story.

THE PROCESS – Through a combination of email and telephone (or zoom) we discover your patterns, fears, triggers, desires and story and find the key to unlocking your highest potential.

$450 – FOUR meetings – TWO 1 Hr telephone (or zoom) TWO  30 – 40 min telephone (or zoom)

Make an appointment for a free chat and see whether we’re a good fit.

0483 892 546  [email protected]


“Mo is an endless fountain of creativity with experience in music, songwriting, videography, writing, speaking, art design and is an accomplished musician & painter in her own right. We deeply appreciate her honesty, humor, tact and willingness to constantly ego check her opinions and ideas.The icing on the cake is that Mo understands the business side of social funding, music and art yet her foundation never strays from the heart. She is an exemplary person brimming with integrity which lends itself to her successful, evolutionary style of creativity coaching.
Oh, be forewarned of an aching jaw from extreme laughter.” Deborah Schmidt of “Suite Journey”

“Thank you Mo for your patient and productive coaching wisdom. You have given my words wings. … Thank you! :-)” Pia St. Claire

“Right from our very first conversation Mo helped me loosen some of my creative blocks and started me working again. As an artist herself she understood how to motivate and inspire and intuitively knows what task to set. I was blown away by her level of commitment and am extremely satisfied with what we’ve achieved so far.” Jen Dustmann

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