Eye of the Hurricane

EYE OF THE HURRICANE was the final creative project done at the end of my three years with them.

The project was in direct response to George Mumford’s message “Respond from the center of the hurricane rather than reacting from the chaos of the storm.”
My students loved George Mumford’s videos on mindfulness! They believed him. They trusted him. They were inspired by him.
They made artwork and wrote about their experience with mindfulness. I was amazed by their diligence and originality. It was too good not to memorialize it. I compiled it together and sent it to STUDENT TREASURES Publishing to be printed in hardback. They all took home a copy!


The day the printed books arrived! The date is May 23rd. Second last day of the school year.
I wrote the song “Eye of the Hurricane”.  Some of the students sang on the chorus. JD in the wheelchair directed the students for the video. They we are so cooperative It was a joy to behold. This shines through in the video linked below.



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